‘Jeff’ the dinosaur officially welcomed to Resort

Palmer Coolum Resort GM Bill Schoch and Nugget from Zinc 96.1’s Morning Zoo officially name Jeffrey at Tuesday’s special breakfast

With Jeff’s new custodial parent, Bill Schoch needing to be harnessed into a mobile crane just to reach him, Tuesday’s ‘head wetting’ welcoming ceremony at Palmer Coolum Resort was anything but traditional.
Firstly, there was no alcohol involved – just plain water and, at 8.5 metres tall, Jeff the Tyrannosaurus Rex is certainly no baby!
Jeffrey the Dinosaur was officially named Palmer Coolum Resort by General Manager Bill Schoch as part of a special breakfast on Tuesday morning to welcome him to his new home.
Resort guests and local residents were invited to help celebrate the occasion with a morning of fun and games for the kids that included a free breakfast, face-painting, dinosaur balloons and non-stop entertainment from the ZINC 96.1 ‘Zoolanders’.
Local breakfast radio team, Nugget and Al from ZINC 96.1 FM’s Morning Zoo were joined by hundreds of curious visitors as the show went broadcast live to air from the resort between 6.00am and 9.00am in an effort to help Jeff take his rightful place in local folklore.
There was even a spa/golf prize valued at up to $500 given away to one lucky visitor!
Located between the ninth and tenth tee on the golf course, Jeff arrived at the Resort in October and standing at over 8.5 metres tall and 20 metres long and weighing in at 1.7 tonnes, the huge dinosaur cuts an imposing figure among the resort’s foliage.
The big lizard’s lifelike animations include a mouth full of sharp teeth that opens and closes, dark blinking eyes, full head movements, a guttural prehistoric roar, swaying tail, moving arms and claws and a breathing stomach – all of which help make the model of the world’s largest ever carnivore extremely lifelike as several of Tuesday tiniest breakfast guests found out!
But even the most timid of children couldn’t help but be fascinated by the huge beast; a phenomenon that has already helped Jeffrey gain world-wide press coverage – particularly during the past week’s Australian PGA Championship.
Proving that any publicity is good publicity, his keepers at Palmer Coolum Resort are reporting that the controversial but now world-famous Jeff is already a big hit with visitors and guests who happily line up for photographs with the breathing, roaring and upwardly mobile Jurassic giant.
The lifelike Tyrannosaurus Rex is expected to be the first of around 160 prehistoric beasts who will eventually occupy the resort, making up what is set to become the world’s largest dinosaur park.
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