Jarreau Terry points finger at Brough's corflute bandits

Jarreau Terry - Independent Candidate for Fisher
Jarreau Terry – Independent Candidate for Fisher

Jarreau Terry, Independent Candidate for Fisher, today issued a statement to media calling for the Liberal Party to publicly address their “fleet of radical bandits that are destroying, disfiguring or removing competitive coreflutes.” In response Mr Brough’s Campaign Director has countered with questions  in relation the legal placement of Mr Terry’s and other candidate’s signs.
Mr Terry said, “Mal Brough has distanced himself from allegations that pro-liberals are responsible for these heinous acts. Here are the hard facts! My dad Paul Terry gave up his father’s day to spend 10 hours erecting coreflutes with myself. I was content that we followed the rules in relation to positioning etc, only to find out the same night, that my coreflutes had been removed and destroyed. Guess what? Mal Brough’s coreflutes are still standing, whilst all 13 of mine are snapped and thrown in the bush!
“This shit has to stop! Liberal’s absolutely hate competition, well guess what! Here’s a suggestion. Get on the radio and tell these clowns to stop with their games or I will personally remove all your election campaign material Mr Brough.
“The fact that you know your people are doing this, and are doing nothing about it is clandestine and furtive. I am a firm believer that competition is healthy, as I replaced 4 of Tony Moores corflutes, 3 of Mark Meldons, 7 of Peter Slippers and 1 corflute of Bill Schoch’s that were all displaced. I cracked it tonight and ripped out 2 of Mal Brough’s signs.
“Why is it that big business and big money think they can just run over the small people. Nothing personal, just do the right thing, that’s all I ask please? I understand that you are not responsible for what they do, but knowing about it and doing nothing is worse. If people from my crew were destroying Bill Gissaine’s gear, I would deal with my team fullstop,” Mr Terry said.
Mr Terry has further threatened to print and distribute 60,000 of a none too flattering account “10 of the worst things Mal Brough did in office”
In response, Mr Brough’s Campaign Director Jim Carlile has asked for the positions of Mr Terry’s corflutes and is challenging Mr Terry as to whether they abide with the electoral signage laws especially those in relation to seeking permission from property owners for the placement of electoral signage.
The statement reads, “Can you please identify the locations where Mal Brough’s signs are standing
and others have been ripped out of the ground?
“I am aware of at least three locations, one in Caloundra, one in Glasshouse Mountains and one in Mooloolah where Mal’s campaign sought permission to have corflutes erected on private property only to have other candidates erect their signs on the same properties without permission. If the owners removed those signs it is their right to do so. Don’t you agree?
“Your campaign placed a sign on the commercial lease in front of Mal’s office yesterday without permission from the managing agents. You are the second candidate to do so. Mal’s campaign informed you of this but did not remove your sign. On the earlier occasion the candidate was informed that this was private property and that his sign had been removed and he could pick it up from the campaign office.
“Good manners would suggest you seek permission before erecting signs on any
private property.
“You and a number of other candidates have made claims that your signs have been pulled out whilst Mal’s remain standing. Please identify these locations as Mal does not have thirteen signs on public land.
“Until today the campaign has avoided placing any signs on public land, adjacent to roads or in clusters with the other candidates so again I ask you to confirm exactly where Mal’s signs are standing and yours have been removed.
“Finally, there have been a number of Mal Brough signs destroyed or defaced but neither Mal nor his campaign team make unsubstantiated claims against rival candidates,” the statement concludes