Jamieson says handouts "pure delusion"

2012 Sunshine Coast Mayoral Candidate, Mark Jamieson

Mayoral Candidate Mark Jamieson has questioned the approach of opponent Debbie Blumel over her continual reliance on Government handouts to support her policies.

 “Ms Blumel’s policies for the Airport runway, the convention centre, for Community Water Limited, the gifting of both the Sunshine Coast and Caloundra Airports by the State to the Council, are pure delusion” he said

“Ms Blumel’s ALP mates have successfully run both the Commonwealth and State Government budgets into massive debt, and Ms Blumel would do the same. Her promises are worthless.  The money just isn’t there.” Mr Jamieson said
“Ms Blumel’s bureaucratic and ALP background has indoctrinated her into thinking that someone will just give her a hand-out.  Well, they won’t.” He added
“Council must do all it can to encourage the private sector to evolve and expand, which will help pay for the infrastructure that the region needs.”
“For example, the Council must explore entering into lease arrangements with a private airport operator in exchange for the operator taking on some or all of the responsibility for infrastructure upgrades like the second runway, if it can be proved viable.  This stuff is not new.  The same arrangements exist at Brisbane Airport.” Mr Jamieson said
“Ms Blumel’s plan to rely on a hand-out for the Airport is, in reality, a plan to do nothing.  Unless of course she is planning to plunge ratepayers into massive debt?” Mr. Jamieson concluded