Is your tank topping up on metered water?

Tank_Top-upProperty owners with water tanks are being urged to check whether they are receiving automatic top-ups from town water to ensure they’re not using more metered water than they realise.
Unitywater Executive Manager Retail, Judy Bailey, said many residents would have been using tank supplies to water gardens during the recent dry spell and this trend was likely to continue as the weather warms up.
Ms Bailey said using tank water on gardens, in toilets and for other household purposes was a great way to keep bills to a minimum.
However, she encouraged customers to be aware of plumbing arrangements for their tanks to ensure they weren’t inadvertently using metered water.
“Many people don’t know their tank has been installed with a device to trigger top-ups of potable water when supplies in the tank reach a certain level,” Ms Bailey said.
“A large number of property owners in our service area have water tanks and we certainly don’t want our customers thinking they’re using tank water when it’s actually metered water from the network.”