Incentives to get young job seekers into the workforce

Member for Fisher Mal Brough today said that Sunshine Coast youth who are long-term unemployed have a real incentive to get into paid work.
Mr Brough said that the Job Commitment Bonus, an initiative of the Federal Government, aims to help get more young job seekers off welfare and into work.
“The youth jobless rate on the Sunshine Coast is quite concerning and the Government understands that there are barriers to finding and keeping a job but we want to reward those young job seekers who find work and stick with it,” Mr Brough said.
“Eligible young job seekers, who have been on Newstart or Youth Allowance (as a job seeker) for 12 months can receive $2500 if they get a job, remain in continuous work and off income support for 12 months.
“These same job seekers are eligible for an additional $4000 if they remain in continuous work and off income support for a further 12 months — that is, 24 months in total.
“This programme provides a fantastic opportunity for the youth of the Sunshine Coast and I encourage anyone aged between 18 and 30 who are long-term unemployed to seriously consider this programme.
“I recently launched Operation Bounce Back with the aim of raising awareness of the Federal Government’s employment initiatives. I ask that if you know of anyone doing it tough that you direct them to my website for more information on employment programmes. This important information could help to change someone’s life,” Mr Brough said.
The Job Commitment Bonus is one of six initiatives that reinforces the Coalition Government’s commitment to boosting employment across Australia. Other programmes include Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job, Work for the Dole, and Restart.
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