Incentives for SEQ pool owners to save on their electricity bills

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All South East Queensland pool owners can now slash the cost of running their pool pump and reduce their electricity bills with a new campaign announced today, Energy Minister Stephen Robertson said.
Mr Robertson said ENERGEX’s ‘Pool Rewards Program’ aims to encourage pool owners to connect their pool pump to an off-peak tariff or install a minimum 5-star energy efficient pool pump.
“The average pool pump accounts for more than 20 per cent of a household’s electricity use, costing more than $550 each year to run,” he said.
“By participating in the Pool Rewards Program, pool owners will save hundreds of dollars each year on running costs, plus they will receive a $250 EFTPOS gift card from ENERGEX for making the switch.”
Mr Robertson said the initiative follows recent changes by the Bligh Government which allows pool filtration systems to be connected to Tariff 33 via a standard power point from 1 July this year.
“This is good news for the one in every five homeowners in the South east who have a swimming pool,” he said.
“Minimum 5-star energy efficient pool pumps are up to 80 per cent more efficient than a standard pump, so switching pumps would save the average pool owner around $300 every year.
“Similarly, simply switching a pool pump to an off-peak tariff saves up to 40 per cent in running costs, saving the average pool owner around $220 each year.”
ENERGEX’s Group Manager Demand & Risk Management Mark Lendich encouraged pool owners to install an energy efficient pool pump or make the switch to an off-peak tariff.
“Pool pumps can be one of the most energy-hungry appliances in a home, and this is one of the factors contributing to increasing peak electricity demand,” he said.
“By changing their pool pump or switching to off-peak tariffs, pool owners will not only be helping ENERGEX reduce peak demand, but they will also see a reduction in the cost of runni ng their pool pump.
“In addition to the year-on-year savings, pool owners will receive a $250 EFTPOS gift card from ENERGEX and another $100 EFTPOS gift card if they connect their hot water to an off-peak tariff.”
The Pool Rewards Program is one of ENERGEX’s many initiatives to reduce peak electricity demand, and an initiative of the Bligh Government’s climate change strategy, Climate Q: toward a greener Queensland.
This is the first time the program has been made available to all South East Queensland pool owners, previously only residents involved in the Energy Conservation Communities could participate.
Information about the program will be sent directly to all South East Queensland homes with a pool in the coming weeks. More information is also available or by calling
13 12 53.
Mr Robertson added that Ergon Energy offers similar incentives for regional Queensland pool owners.