Inaugural MudFest for Sunshine Coast – don’t expect to stay clean

28 May, 2013
Author: Charles Hodgson

Inaugural MudFest event to be held on the Sunshine Coast, giving all ages the opportunity to wallow in a muddy fun run and obstacle course.
Registrations are now open for MudFest, a 2km mud obstacle course giving kids, teenagers and fun-loving adults the chance to get muddy with a buddy on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday 10 August 2013.
The first of its kind for the Coast, the inaugural event will see thousands of locals dive in mud pits, clamber over obstacles, crawl through tunnels, jump over hay bales, leap through car tyres and slither down mud slides all in the name of fun, fitness and education.
A 1km short-cut is available for those who want it, and an Under 8’s kiddy piggy event will muddy up even the youngest locals, with the event expected to sell-out quickly.
According to event organiser Mr Judd Armstrong, the course has something for everyone, as long as you don’t expect to stay clean.
“There will be plenty of mud and plenty of fun, it’s a sure way to bring a smile to your face and a unique opportunity to let loose and go a little crazy for a while,” Mr Armstrong said.
“We’ve had 6 year olds, teenagers, teachers, mums and dads down there to test out the course, and everyone who takes the muddy plunge comes out with a huge grin, it’s just awesome to see,” he said.
MudFest is an initiative of Immanuel Lutheran College Parents and Friends Association, planned by a group of parents as part of the annual spring fair. According to Principal Mr David Bliss, it’s all about teaching kids important lessons in ways other than textbooks and desks.
“We have an important role as parents and educators to help build character, contribute to community and aid young adults in developing as a whole person, not just in academics,” Mr Bliss said.
“MudFest tells us that it is alright to let your inhibitions free once in a while, it encourages us to get outdoors and engage in life, and it teaches us the value of friendship, family, fun and camaraderie.
“What better way to make memories and build bonds as friends, families and college staff than an event like Mudfest. I can’t wait,” he said.
MudFest will be held at Wises Farm, Wises Road, Maroochydore from 8am on Saturday 10 August 2013 as part of the Immanuel spring fair Fruehlingsfest.
Register online at MUDFEST.NET.AU.