Important vote for region’s future

Acting Mayor Chris Thompson has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Local Government of the date for a referendum on possible de-amalgamation of Noosa and district.
Councillor Thompson said the region needs the certainty of a decision so it can build on the significant economic, environmental and community gains of the past five years.
“This is an important vote for the people of Noosa and district, and the region as a whole,” Mr Thompson said.
“The independent reports into this issue clearly show de-amalgamation would turn one strong council into two weaker councils.
“At the moment, it’s tough enough for mums and dads to make ends meet – the last thing they need is to have to pay hundreds of dollars more in rates.
“The predicted $31 million surplus for the current strong council would turn into a $45 million deficit shared by the two weaker councils – that’s a $76 million backward step.
“That can only mean one thing – big rate rises across the region.
“Sunshine Coast Council has delivered four straight surpluses and another balanced budget is on the way.
“The independent reports into de-amalgamation show two weaker councils would have deficits for at least the next five years.”
“Before people vote I urge them read the Boundary Commissioner’s Report and the Queensland Treasury Corporation’s Report.”