Immanuel OP1s, three times higher than state average

Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Dux 2012

Immanuel Lutheran College is justifiably proud of the Class of 2012, which achieved one of the highest percentages of OP eligible students receiving an OP 1-10, including 4 OP1s.
Jacob Christensen, Daniel Collins, Nicholas Cox and Kirsten Yeo all achieved an OP1.  Overall, 9% of Immanuel’s OP eligible students received an OP1, more than three times the state average, whilst 73% received an OP 1-10, 50% higher than the state average.
Jacob, Daniel and Nicholas all hope to study medicine, whilst Kirsten will study pharmacy in 2014 following a gap year working in an English boarding school.
“Immanuel students achieved well above the state average in all OP benchmarks making this one of the most successful cohorts in Immanuel’s 33 year history,” said Principal David Bliss.
“We are proud that our students continue to produce high calibre results well above state averages.
Kirsten Yeo
Kirsten Yeo (right)

“That said, we are equally proud of those who have moved into apprenticeships or other sectors of the workforce. Immanuel graduates have always been identified by their confidence and optimism and we are pleased to be known as a school that produces young people of integrity and compassion who are willing to serve and contribute,” said Mr Bliss.
Statistical Breakdown

Range ILC State
OP 1 9% 2.68%
OP 1-5 27% 19.69%
OP 1-6 34% 25.17%
OP 1-10 73% 48.9%
OP 1-15 91% 78.89%