I'll help you, as long as you don't let anybody else

Once more today our offer to help promote a local event has been rebuffed over an exclusivity agreement put in place by APN/Sunshine Coast Daily.
While the APN/Sunshine Coast Daily extolls its support for local causes, organisations and events, (which is to be commended) exclusivity agreements say as much about shutting out competition than a genuine, unencumbered demonstration of support.
Many people I speak to are surprised that such a practice can even exist!
I implore local clubs, organisations and event organisers to have the courage to say to APN/Sunshine Coast Daily “we welcome your support, yet wish to retain the ability to advertise and promote our cause or event to attain as much exposure as possible”.
Local causes and events rely on the support, generosity and goodwill of sponsors. Sponsors most certainly need to be given value and recognition for their investment. My point is, this can be achieved without requiring no advertise / no promote style exclusivity clauses.