Have your say on the Nambour Youth Activity Precinct

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
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A Youth Activity Precinct that is an iconic statement of Nambour’s heritage with a number of unique active recreation activities which aims to attract a diversity of people and business opportunity to the area.
Sunshine Coast Council is calling on the community to have their say on the creation and site selection of such a place. This will form part of the Nambour Youth Activity Precinct community engagement process taking place in August.
Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson said the Nambour Youth Activity Precinct will provide a variety of active recreation functions that will contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community.
“Youth Activity and Active Recreation Precincts are increasingly recognised as providing significant social and economic benefits to communities,” he said.
“The creation of the Nambour Youth Activity Precinct will involve upgrading the Nambour Skate Park to a district level skate facility.
“This upgrade will include reviewing the suitability of the current location and planning the range of active recreation functions to feature in a district level skate facility.” 
The project is one of the priorities identified in the Sunshine Coast Skate and BMX Plan 2011-2020 adopted by council in 2010. The plan identified the need to upgrade the Nambour skate facility and to investigate site locations that may be more suitable and safer for the community.
It is intended that public art will also be included to create an iconic and distinctly recognisable facility that will interpret the unique history of Nambour.
A number of potential sites have been investigated and two options that meet the requirements for a district level skate facility have been identified for the Youth Activity Precinct:
  • Option 1: The corner of Elder Street and Petrie Park Road
  • Option 2: The corner of Ann and Matthew Streets
“I’m going into this with an open mind to hear what the local community and businesses think about these two options,” Cr Rogerson said.
“I am well aware of the parking challenges in and around Nambour and to that end any opportunities to improve the parking through this investigaiton phase are being examined.”
The community is invited to the following ‘Meet us on the street’ events in Nambour Town Square to share their ideas on the potential sites and the design for the Nambour Youth Activity Precinct:
  • Town Square – Friday 10 August 2012 from noon to 4pm
  • Town Square – Saturday 11 August 2012 from 8am to noon
  • Town Square – Thursday 16 August 2012 from 11am to 3pm
An online questionnaire and feedback forum will also be available on council’s website until Monday 27 August. To find out more go tohttp://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/sitePage.cfm?code=yap-nambour&pv=1
Cr Rogerson said the development of the Nambour Youth Activity Precinct is important for a number of reasons.
“Young people and their families have raised concerns about the skate park being in disrepair with cracking concrete and surface deterioration,” he said.
“Young people have also raised concerns about their safety at the current skate facility.
“We have also received support from within the community to upgrade the existing skate facility and to provide a more diverse range of recreation opportunities within central Nambour.”
In addition to the ‘Meet us on the Street’ forums council will run a series of workshops and one-on-one meetings with key users and major stakeholder groups including business and community groups.
As part of council’s youth engagement program, Speak Up Engage, council has partnered with students from the Nambour State High School’s Project Beyond Limits team to deliver the youth engagement components of this project. The Project Beyond Limits team represent the Sunshine Coast Council as Speak Up and Engage Ambassadors and undertake youth engagement at the local schools.