Harnessing intellectual resources key to growth

Mayoral candidate, Warren Blee

Warren Blee, mayoral candidate, has said that growing the economy through the development and promotion of the Coast as a research hub for environmental and scientific research and education is one of the key ways the Council can lead the economy out of its existing reliance on the weather dependent tourism sector and unstable property sector. “The Coast should be harnessing and growing its intellectual resources to significantly increase business opportunities on the Coast”
Mr Blee said that with plans already given the green light by Council for the building of a new convention and entertainment venue by 2018, the Council needed to start laying the foundation now in promoting the region as a research hub and event destination. Mr Blee said that in promoting the Coast as a centre of learning and development for environmental science and the arts, the Council could open the doors up for more conventions and conferences, in turn boosting the accommodation and hospitality sectors of the tourism industry.
Mr Blee said that this in turn would present the Sunshine Coast as “a very real consideration in tenders for future keyscientific, health and business conferences and events on a national level”. Once booked, conventions and conferences would mean an increase in the amount of people on the Coast attending the events. This would mean that for many of the Coast’s local businesses a very visible increase in people through their doors, opening up sales opportunities. “Conferences generate visitors during traditionally quieter times, which increases the use of accommodation, catering, transport and tourist activities for local business”
He said that this topic is just one of many topics he is talking to the community about at a number of informal, intimate style meetings he is currently engaging on around the Coast. Mr Blee believes that simple conversations and talking to the community would be more beneficial in understanding the thinking of the people and how the direction they are looking to for the future, under the guidance of their next elected mayor. “Often the innovative ideas of the so called “ordinary” people are overlooked, and at this time global financial uncertainty we need all the local common sense we can get”
As local business owner of Maroochydore Pharmacy the past 33 years, elected to serve on the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for five terms, Justice of the Peace for 25 years and recently awarded Order of Australia medal, Mr Blee believes he has the understanding and experience required to lead the Council in economic growth without compromising the heart of the community.
His next meeting will be at Nambour on Friday 17th February from 10am-11am with light refreshments being offered while he answers topical questions concerned community members are looking to have answered. Details of the meeting locations are available on www.warrenblee.com