A ground breaking, ground breaking for Buderim

The rain, cold, mist and mud did little to dampen the enthusiasm for the official commencement of Buderim’s first district-level recreation park.
The Mayor Mark Jamieson was joined by local councillors – Cr Christian Dickson and Cr Ted Hungerford, with today’s turning of the first sod.
The design of the park has been based on the Buderim District Park Landscape Concept Plan – following extensive community consultation.

Buderim District Park Stage One

Stage one works on the 3.4 hectare site on the corner of Church and King Streets include;

  • the implementation of the arrival plaza,
  • a community green and kick about area,
  • a new footpath and Poinciana street tree planting along King Street,
  • new planting along the eastern park boundary, and
  • bollards along Church Street to define the informal parking area.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said the start of construction on the Buderim District Park is an important milestone for the region.
He said “It’s prime real estate for the Buderim Community to use in a variety of ways and certainly enjoy the view on sunny days.” a reference to the prevailing fog that limited visibility on the day.
Mayor Jamieson went on to acknowledge the collective efforts of those involved in bringing the Buderim District Park to this point.
“I particularly want to acknowledge the two local councillors, Councillor Hingerford and Councillor Dickson for the significant contribution they’ve made to realisation of this project and other Council staff too numerous to mention for the contribution they’ve all played in securing this vital piece of land for a park for the Buderin community but indeed the wider Sunshine Coast community.”
In 2010, when Council purchased the land, there was controversy over its $8.75 million price tag. Councillor Christain Dickson made special mention today that while Council had purchased the land it was not funded by the ratepayer.
Cr Dickson explained, “This was not an investment that was sponsored by the ratepayers, it was sponsored by the development industry through developer contributions which for the rate payers is a free kick.”
He went on to further discuss Council’s costs and the park’s future.
“This is just shy of $300,000 that you are seeing in stage one and over another five to ten years you will see this park develop into a multi-million dollar park which will be a showcase for the Buderim Community.”
“If you look at this sight here today it could have all been commercial but with Council’s foresight we’ve actually seen half the sight remain as open public space for the future.”
To review and download a copy of the final Buderim District Park Landscape Concept Plan, visit council’s website.
Construction is due to be complete in 10 weeks weather permitting.