Greens targeting a cleaner economy and a more caring society

David Knobel - Greens Candidate for Fairfax
David Knobel – Greens Candidate for Fairfax

Greens candidate for Fairfax, David Knobel, says standing up for what matters will create a cleaner economy and a more caring society. Mr Knobel says his campaign will focus on supporting small business, standing up for stronger environmental protections and strengthening the quality of life for all Australians.
“Small businesses on the Sunshine Coast drive our local economy. Greens will support small business by cutting tax rates and increasing the instant asset write-off threshold to take some of the pressure off these community-centred industries,” Mr Knobel said.
The Greens candidate for Fairfax said Sunshine Coast residents also wanted stronger protections for the environment. Having lived on the Sunshine Coast since 2002, Mr Knobel shares their concerns.
“We are the only party standing up for greater protection for the Great Barrier Reef. This icon of Australia’s natural heritage is at risk from massive industrialisation of the Barrier Reef coast.
The Greens oppose further expansion of coal and gas ports in this area and will ban the dumping of dredge spoil that will decimate the coral reef.”
“The Greens remain committed to strong action on climate change, even as Labor and the Coalition seek to weaken the progress that has been gained through the Clean Energy Act.
The Greens will redirect billions of fossil fuel subsidies given to big mining corporations that are fuelling global warming, into the jobs rich clean energy sector to drive investment into the clean technologies of the future.”
“The Greens have already shown we will stand up for what matters during this term of parliament. The Greens’ initiated Denticare program has reformed dental health care for more than 3 million Australian children.
This is a preventative measure that will reduce expensive medical bills and our plan will increase access to this historic reform to all Australians within 5 years.”
Mr Knobel says The Greens have had all their policies costed by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office and they know where the money will come from.
“We recognise more revenue needs to be raised and we believe it should come from those who can afford it. Our plans will raise more than $42 billion of revenue by strengthening the mining tax so Australia’s mineral wealth supports all Australians, ending tax breaks the big mining companies, taxing millionaires fairly and introducing a modest levy on the big banks as suggested by the International Monetary Fund.”
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