Greens promise better mental health care for Fairfax

David Knobel - Greens Candidate for Fairfax

David Knobel - Greens Candidate for Fairfax
David Knobel – Greens Candidate for Fairfax

The Australian Greens will expand and improve mental health services in Fairfax by funding more mental health nurses and supporting grassroots community care.
Spokesperson for Mental Health Senator Penny Wright and Greens candidate for Fairfax David Knobel said today the Australian Greens $1.1 billion commitment to mental health would also have a local impact.
“Almost half of all people in Fairfax will experience mental ill-health at some point in their lives,” Mr Knobel said.
“I know that mental health services in our area have been underfunded for far too long and it is costing lives.
“The Australian Greens have listened to what people have told us and our policy is all about a local, community-based approach and includes giving more support to organisations like the Nambour Community Centre and Link In Association Sunshine Coast.”
Senator Wright said the Australian Greens policy had a particular focus on people outside of capital cities, with $552.6 million set aside to improve services in rural and regional areas.
“The Australian Greens say a caring society should look out for everyone. Having more mental health nurses will mean more people in Fairfax can get mental health support when they need it and take the pressure off emergency services,” Senator Wright said.
“In the past year, I have travelled to regional areas in every state in Australia, to find out directly from mental health care consumers, carers and providers how we can build a healthier and stronger rural Australia.
“To improve care for people with mental ill-health outside capital cities, the Australian Greens have pledged to expand the Headspace model to other age groups, help regional services attract and retain staff, and launch a campaign to address stigma around mental health and wellbeing.”
The Australian Greens plan for mental health also includes a nationwide suicide prevention campaign, funding more psychologist sessions under the “Better Access” program and investing in research to improve care for those with mental ill-health.