Government supports more residential parks as affordable housing option

23 November, 2011
Author: Charles Hodgson

The Bligh Government is continuing efforts to increase supply of affordable housing, looking at options such as increasing the number of residential parks.
Speaking at the Residential Parks Industry Forum in Brisbane today, Housing Minister said it was important for the private sector to be involved in developing possible solutions to housing concerns.
“The residential park industry has the potential to help meet this increased need,” Ms Struthers said.
“In addition to affordability, the community lifestyle attracts owners of manufactured, relocatable homes to occupy long-term leases in residential parks.
“There is a significant numbers of current home owners- an estimated 15,000 residents of 200 residential parks.
“At this forum, we will be considering how security of tenure for park residents can be improved”
Ms Struthers said the majority of these home owners were on fixed incomes, such as pensions.
“Th is is the reason why the government has moved to head off a situation where some park owners were charging additional costs to the on-supply of electricity,” she said.
“The government will be introducing amendments to the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 to address this situation.
“Electricity is an essential utility and we want to ensure home owners are fairly charged.”
Senior government officers, social support agencies and representatives from the residential park industry attended the forum.
Ms Struthers said the forum canvassed key issues and strategies to support the expansion of residential parks, including the need for more suitable alternative park sites, particularly in communities impacted by major resource projects.
“I urge residential parks industry members and members of the public to provide input to the Department of Communities’ discussion paper on residential parks released at this forum.
This is available online at (click on Community housing).