Good soup for you!

Fran Leman and Monica Topliss

The weather is turning cooler, the times are different, people are more health focused, so now’s the time to embrace the good and cut out the crap. 

The team from Plantasy Foods has developed another winner in their repertoire of clean, tasty, plant based, allergen friendly convenience food, with the introduction of The Good Soup Range. 

Set to be released on the 10th June The Good Soup Range features seven incredible convenience soups including . 

● Creamy Tomato with basil 

● Cock-A- Leekie 

● Wild Mushroom 

● Laksa with Kaffir Lime and Coconut 

● Dahl with Turmeric and Lentils 

● Cheezy Broccoli 

● Beetroot and Pomegranate 

Like all Plantasy Food products, they have ONLY natural ingredients with no hidden nasties – what you read on the packet is what you get! 

100% vegan and allergen friendly, you can be sure that your daytime snack is going to leave you feeling full (because of the high soluble fibre) and guilt free. 

The Good Soup Range will be available for purchase at selected health food markets, online and independent grocers. 

Plantasy Foods is one of three brands of the Real Good Food Group, an all-female start up from the Sunshine Coast. 

Fran Leman and Monica Topliss joined forces six years ago determined to produce allergen friendly, healthy, TASTY convenience bake mixes. 

Fran Leman and Monica Topliss
Fran Leman and Monica Topliss joined forces six years ago determined to produce allergen friendly, healthy, TASTY convenience bake mixes.

With 8 years of experience in wholefood, organic market Fran Leman realised the collaboration potential with her good friend Monica Topliss – founder of the popular Monica’s Mixes and long- term fixture on the Sunshine Coast food scene. 

Their initial product was the extremely popular Gluten Free Wrap Mix, considered a ‘unicorn’ in the gluten free range of goods. The wrap mix was followed by Gluten Free Muffin Mix and Gluten Free Flour Blend, which all proved a winner with health discerning consumers. 

“The tipping point for The Real Good Food Group was the successful launch of the all vegan and allergen friendly Mac N Cheez, ,” said Real Good Food Group co-founder Monica Topliss. 

“The timing was impeccable as the demand for plant-based convenience foods was on the increase.” 

The release of the Good Soup Range has meant the company is now looking to upscale its production capabilities. 

“Covid-19 has significantly impacted our fresh catering line but the demand for the company’s pantry goods has increased significantly,” said Real Good Food Group co-founder Fran Leman. 

“Consumer appetite for clean, tasty, vegan goodness means that the company is currently in the process of a major upscale to meet the demands of national and international markets.” 

From the humble beginnings of Monica’s Mixes to full scale production and packaging lines, the Real Good Food Group encompasses a large product portfolio boasting 28 products and variants, which can be found shelves in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.