Good news for Peachester and Conondale

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Sunshine Coast Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads have been working together to help two hinterland service stations reopen after they were directed to stop supplying fuel last Friday.
Council was forced to direct five hinterland service stations across the Region, including stations at Peachester and Conondale, to close in response to Queensland Government Legislative changes to the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2001. The impact of these changes is being felt across the whole State.
However, thanks to a partnership approach between the local and State authorities, council was today able to deliver good news to two of the impacted operators.
Council’s Executive Director Community Services, Coralie Nichols said that an independent report alerted council to a range of unacceptable community safety and liability risks that could not be ignored in relation to the operation of the five fuel service stations.
“While council was forced to issue the directives, council staff have been working tirelessly with the Department and the operators to find solutions which would enable the service stations to significantly reduce their risk,” Ms Nichols said.
“That hard work has paid off and today I am able to advise that the service stations at Peachester and Conondale are now able to reopen.”
The discussions between the two authorities have allowed the fast tracking of applications and State interest checks which will allow the fuel stations to put into place permanent infrastructure on public land so that Australian Standards for the supply and storage of dangerous goods can be met.
In the meantime, the directive from council issued this afternoon advising that the two fuel stations can reopen also requires that only trained employees of the business are authorised to refuel customers’ vehicles or storage containers. And that the fuel dispensers will need to be locked at all other times or turned off to assist in greatly minimising several of the risks on the sites.
“Sunshine Coast Council will continue to work with both these businesses and the other three service stations that currently remain closed, to achieve the best outcome for both the operators and the communities they service,” Ms Nichols said