Glass House Mountains residents urged to prepare for bushfire

Local firefighters are appealing to Glass House Mountains residents to ensure they are prepared in the event of a bushfire.
Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Regional Manager of Rural Operations for the North Coast Peter Hollier said bushfire season was already upon us and it was vital everyone had taken the time to ensure their properties were ready and plans were in place should a bushfire strike.
“Local firefighters are reporting that there is still a lot of vegetation across the area and it is evident some residents have not taken the steps necessary to prepare themselves,” Mr Hollier said.
“It is essential for everyone to have a Bushfire Survival Plan to detail exactly how you will prepare and what action you will take if threatened by a bushfire.
“A well-prepared home will increase the chance of survival.”
Mr Hollier said the plan must be in writing, practiced regularly and take into consideration the ages and physical capabilities of everyone in your household including children and the elderly.
Once a Bushfire Survival Plan is in place it is important for people to know what action to take when a bushfire approaches.
This can include: monitoring your local radio and television for updates; locating your bushfire kit, which you would have prepared earlier; putting on protective clothing; and drinking plenty of water.
“On a severe, extreme or catastrophic fire weather day the safest option for survival is to leave well in advance of any fire,” Mr Hollier said.
“Vulnerable members of the community, including the young and elderly, are advised to leave well before bushfire strikes and not be part of any plan to stay and defend their property.”
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