Gissane announces major policy initiatives for renewable energy

Bill Gissane - ALP Candidate for Fisher
Bill Gissane – ALP Candidate for Fisher

ALP Candidate For Fisher, Bill Gissane, today used his appearance at the Solar Citizens Forum to outline his plans for renewable energy initiatives on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland.
“The electorate of Fisher is ideally placed to become a world class leader in the development and implementation of renewable energy initiatives.” Mr Gissane said.
At the heart of the policy is the declaration of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland as an RTZ – Renewable Test Zone.
“If elected, I will immediately conduct talks with the University of the Sunshine Coast to establish a Department of Sustainable Economics. It will become a world centre of research into the costs and benefits of renewables. Often this is the sticking point in estimating the true effects of moving to a sustainable future”. Mr Gissane said.
There will also be a thrust to have USC become a world leader in the engineering and scientific fields associated with renewables.
“The truly ground breaking part of this plan is the use of various parts of the Coast and Hinterland to trial and measure the new techniques.” Mr Gissane added.
An early initiative will be to have solar panels fitted to low income residences for free and measure the payback time in reduced power consumption. If successful, it could become the model for the nation. Other plans include… Using solar energy to boil salt for use at night as a heat source for power generation Testing new battery technologies Including the solar farm as part of collective power generation sources.
“When coupled with the plan to run a high speed, off shore fibre optic link to Kawana, we have a way of linking together our education facilities and technology to provide jobs for generations to come” Mr Gissane concluded.
For further information contact Bill Gissane 0499 876 433