Get Ready to survive

14 September, 2012
Author: Charles Hodgson

The campaign has been prepared by the Sunshine Coast’s Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), and is designed to assist Coast residents to prepare for the upcoming fire and storm seasons.
“The recently endorsed Local Disaster Management Plan recognises fire and flood as two top risks on the Sunshine Coast,” new LDMG chair Mayor Mark Jamieson said.
“In order to get ready for summer, people need to now the risks and take four simple steps to be prepared.”

“These steps are: develop an emergency plan with your family; get an emergency kit together to survive three days; undertake maintenance around your home and business; and in an emergency, tune into warnings.”

Local Disaster Coordinator, Alan ‘Fox’ Rogers, said the last six weeks of dry weather had heightened the fire risk across the region.
“The risk of fire over the next few months, especially in areas surrounded by thick vegetation is very high, especially on days when we have hot temperatures, low humidity and strong dry winds,” he said.
“Substantial rainfall during the winter months has increased the fuel load and reduced the amount of time available for burning or removing fire fuel in bushland areas this year.
“After the fire season comes the storm season and today, we have also released updated flood maps in response to the recommendations of the Queensland Floods Commission so that residents and businesses can clearly understand the impact of predicted flood levels on their property.
“While authorities will do all they can to mitigate weather circumstances, ultimately all residents must take responsibility for preventing disasters.
“If people take responsibility to prepare seriously now, the impact on their families’ well-being and businesses will be less severe and people will be able to return to normal level of life, much sooner,” Mr Rogers said.
For further information to know the risks and be prepared, visit
Council’s web pages –
Council libraries and customer service centres – to view hard copies of the flood maps at area level and to get a Get Ready Queensland brochure