Get Ready Sunshine Coast as storm season approaches

Multiple storms are predicted for the upcoming summer, are you prepared?
As we’ve learnt in previous summers the Sunshine Coast can be affected by flooding or left without power for long stretches of time due to severe storms.
Local Disaster Management Chair, Mayor Mark Jamieson said now was the time for local residents to ensure their households are prepared.
“Although we’re currently experiencing very dry conditions on the Sunshine Coast, locals can’t afford to be complacent about preparing for the storm season because recent summers have shown that the weather can change very quickly,” he said.
“Even a small amount of preparation now can potentially save lives, time and money in the event of a natural disaster.”
Local Disaster Management Coordinator Alan Rogers said residents could access up-to-date information on how to prepare for storm season on council’s website.
“Emergency Management Queensland has released a number of fact sheets that provide a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for storm season and these are now accessible online,” he said.
“In addition to these fact sheets, council is also providing residents with free copying and scanning of their certified documents at our 10 local libraries until the end of the year.
“These items are of utmost value to any individual and can easily become lost, damaged or destroyed during natural disasters so I encourage all residents to visit their local library and take up this offer.”
For more information about preparing yourself and your home for the summer storm season, visit council’s website and click on ‘Disasters and Emergencies’.