Gauging the rain, council is collecting rainfall data

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Sunshine Coast Council wants to know what your rain gauge has been telling you.
Local Disaster Management Group, chair Mayor Mark Jamieson said council has met with community members in Cooroy, Daintree Estate, and Pomona recently to talk about council activities since the floods earlier in the year.
“Council shares a network of rain gauges with the Bureau of Meteorology that record the amount and intensity of rain that falls during flood events,” Mayor Jamieson said.
“The accuracy of the rain gauge information collected is limited to the locations where the gauges are located.
“The intensity of rainfall recorded at some of the gauges early in the year has been extreme – we experienced localised flash floods completely unprecedented in the recorded history of flooding on the Sunshine Coast.
“The floods demonstrated the extreme variability of rainfall from one location to the next and that’s why council would like to hear from people who keep their own records of the rain.
“Council can use reliable rainfall data from the community to supplement information it records with the Bureau of Meteorology.
“All the rainfall information council has can then be used to calibrate our flood models.
“Modelling information is then used to prepare flood maps and the flood maps, in turn, help locals understand the extent of flood risk on their property.
“Having accurate information about flood risk is essential for good emergency planning – it’s part of the Get Ready Sunshine Coast campaign.
“The more information council and the community has means the better prepared we all can be in the event of extreme weather.”
If you keep a record of rainfall on your property that’s measured on a daily basis at approximately the same time – then council would like to hear from you. Tell us the location of your rain gauge, specific collection dates and the amount of rainfall measured. Data will need to be emailed in a digitised format to or contact council on 5475 7272 for more information.