Gallery transforms into Twigseeds Summer Store

Twigseeds Artist and Illustrator Kate Knapp at work in her studio

A book signing by illustrator and artist Kate Knapp last Saturday has signaled the start of a curiously whimsical Twigseeds summer season for the Ardleigh Cleveland Gallery.
Located at the Creative Arts Centre within Palmer Coolum Resort, owner Ardleigh Cleveland has decided to transform her gallery into the ‘Twigseeds Summer Store’ until the end of February 2013.
Twigseeds is the nest and nom de plume of the wonderfully whimsical Australian Illustrator and artist, Kate Knapp.
First hatched in Brisbane in the mid 90s, Twigseeds is famous for its colourful and curious characters, the art prints, cards, stationery and books they inhabit, and the unique perspective they share.
Parades of curious creatures spring from Kate’s desk in the Twigseeds studio. Some are shy and timid, needing a little encouragement and a biscuit or three.
While other, more flamboyant types are thrilled to their twinkling toes with the attention.
With wide eyes and smiling beaks, twitching whiskers and wagging tails, they will take their sunny stories to the world – stopping for a time at the Ardleigh Cleveland Gallery ‘Twigseeds Summer Store’
“Twigseeds extensive range of product is always popular at the resort gallery” said Ardleigh.
“It appeals to all ages. There’s one gentleman (specialist doctor) who visits each year and stocks up on cards to inspire his grand children.”
With the recent release (November 1) of Kate’s first children’s picture book ‘Ruby Red Shoes‘, Ardleigh hosted a special book signing on Saturday afternoon – (complete with the most delicious Jam drop biscuits we’re told); and has filled the gallery with the cheery, uplifting illustrations and words of Twigseeds.
Ardleigh Cleveland’s ‘Twigseeds Summer Store’ will have every product in the range on display, including framed and unframed prints, books, cards, gifts and the adorable Ruby soft plush toy – right through until 28 February 2013.
Gallery hours are 11am to 5pm daily (closed Tuesdays), or phone 5449 3521 for information. Twigseeds products are also available online at