Free music and magazines at your local library

Two new and exciting products providing access to free music and magazines are just the latest benefits of being a member of your local library.
Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said Sunshine Coast Council is very excited to launch two new products for library members which complement the existing range of eLibrary resources available through the library website.
“The first product, Freegal Music, is a popular global service that offers library customers free access to licensed songs,” Cr McKay said.
“People can choose from an extensive catalog of over 7 million songs and music videos, including material from Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists.
“This service delivers great music for free and offers compatibility with lots of devices and is very simple to use.”
Councillor McKay said the region’s avid magazine readers will also be able to access Zinio Digital Magazines.
“So if you love reading magazines, then you will definitely be interested in this new product which allows library members to access full digital copies of their favourite magazines,” Cr McKay said.
“By accessing council’s library website, library customers are able to simply download over 300 titles direct into a PC or a wide range of mobile devices.
“These products are easy to use, however we have included user guides and ‘how to’ videos on eLibrary. For those library members who need more assistance, the friendly staff at their local libraries will be very happy to help.
“These two products will be very popular with our customers and are welcome additions to our widening range of eLibrary resources which already includes eBooks and eAudiobooks.”
To find out more about eMusic and eMagazines, contact your local library on 1300 Library or visit council’s library website.