Former senior public servants get behind Noosa No Vote

Noosa Vote NoTwo former senior public servants today launched a website encouraging Noosa residents to consider the arguments for a “No” vote on 9 March.
The website is at
Peter Burke and George O’Farrell both have extensive public policy experience having held senior positions with state governments in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.
Mr Burke and Mr O’Farrell said, “We’ve decided to act because we’re increasingly concerned that a tsunami of highly co-ordinated promotional effort on behalf of the Friends of Noosa is drowning attempts to present a balanced view.”
“Unfortunately, alternative views are not being given the airplay they deserve”.
“However emotionally appealing it may be to return to a small council, the evidence points to an increased cost to everyone on the coast,” they said.
“The only credible financial information available comes from the Queensland Treasury Corporation. That makes it clear Noosa residents can confidently expect higher rates or reduced services if we de-amalgamate. So, too, can all other ratepayers on the coast.”
“Over time, other things people value—the environment and Noosa’s ‘specialness’—will be at greater risk. A small council won’t have the financial or human resources to stand against external pressure to make residential land available or a sustained attack from seriously wealth developers.”
“As the NIA has noted, the important pre-condition to Noosa as we know it has been a strong community spirit. That’s continued under the SCRC and there’s no reason to think it will stop.”
“We hope that spirit will lead Noosa to think twice before causing long-term detriment not only to itself, but also to the rest of the Sunshine Coast.”
They concluded, “We’re neither political campaigners nor slick marketers. We’re simply looking to provide an alternative view to people who may be undecided to help them make up their minds.”