First Sunshine Coast StartUp Weekend A Sell Out for Participants

StartUp Weekend Sunshine Coast
Organisers of the inaugural Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast taking place at the Innovation Centre this Friday 2 May to Sunday 4 May have been overwhelmed with interest in the upcoming event, with participation tickets selling out a full two weeks ahead of the event.
“We are thrilled with this response with over 100 people registering, especially given this is our first time running this event here on the Coast. We’ve received interest from people of all walks of life who are joining us for the event from across the Sunshine Coast, and even as far afield as Perth,” says Mark Paddenburg of the Innovation Centre.
Paddenburg says the event will see the coming together of a community of experienced local business people, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketing gurus and people interested in collaborating to build and launch a new business in just 54 hours.
“We can’t wait to see what people will launch,” he says.
Although there are no more participation tickets available for the event, the Innovation Centre have extended the allocation of spectator tickets and are hoping locals will pass up Friday night footie or the Sunday night roasts this weekend, to instead come down to the Innovation Centre and watch businesses be conceived and then launched before their very eyes.
“Spectator tickets will get you in the door Friday night to watch the pitches, have some beer and pizza and meet a bunch of great people. The Sunday night ticket will get you in the door to watch the final presentations and judging from the teams work over the weekend. There will also be beer and snacks! We will be starting the presentations by 5pm,” says Paddenburg.
Chloe Rogers who is a student at QUT says she has registered to participate in the weekend to broaden her horizons and enhance her career prospects.
“It’ll be a great experience to see how a business can get set up inside a weekend. I’m also really looking forward to networking with other like-minded professionals that I may do business with one day.”
Andrea Martins, a Sunshine Coast local who just announced the six-figure sale of her first online venture, is excited to participate and hopefully launch another venture.
“I’m not 100% sure what I will pitch yet, but the opportunity to team up with a group of dynamic minds on the Coast this weekend – on my idea or theirs – is too good an opportunity to miss.”
“That’s the beauty of the Startup Weekend concept – you might not know exactly who’ll be at the event or what you’ll come out with at the end, but you know it’ll be a culmination of amazing ideas and electric energy. I can’t wait!”
To register as a spectator for Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast and see what Andrea and others pitch this Friday, go to, or follow the social channels on and @SWSunshineCoast (Twitter).