First LEO Club for Sunshine Coast

Last night (June 13th), the Mooloolaba Lions Club officially welcomed students from Maroochydore State High into the first LEO Club chartered for the Sunshine Coast.
“Lions LEO Club is like a mini Lions Club within the school, they work the same as a Lions Club they do their own thing we just sit back and advise them and help them.” Dean Farrow Lions Club Mooloolaba
LEO Clubs help young people develop and practice leadership, organisation and social skills, through activities and projects that benefit the community.
“LEO stand for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity, we try to give all those things to our members and the community.” Laura Richardson – LEO Club President
Mooloolaba Lions are no strangers when it comes to supporting Sunshine Coast youth.
Initiatives such as work experience for high school students,  the Youth of the Year awards and fundraising for Nambour’s Hear and Say Centre.
When they had the idea of creating a LEO Club, it received entusiastic support from then Maroochydore High Chaplain, Andrew Pearce.
“It’s a project we spoke about some eighteen month’s ago and it’s just evolved from there.”  Dean Farrow Lions Club Mooloolaba

Students from Maroochydore High, the Sunshine Coast’s first LEO Club

Twenty one students were officially inducted into the Sunshine Coast’s first Leo Club.  To be know as the  “Leo Club of Swanies”, this new club adds to the over five and a half thousand LEO clubs world wide.
LEO Club involvement can instill in young people a lifetime commitment to helping others.
“Its good training for them, good for their confidence, their self esteem their skills, its very good.”  Dean Farrow Lions Club Mooloolaba