First Australian volunteering charity fundraises digital art using blockchain

23 June, 2021
Author: Submitted Story

Volunteering Sunshine Coast are on a mission to grow and support their member not for profits through increasing volunteer support from 3,000 to 10,000 volunteer placements annually.

The charity is thinking outside of the square and reimagining their fundraising strategies by taking advantage of the blockchains revolution through creating their own digital art. 

Volunteering Sunshine Coast CEO Mathew Walker said he believed his organisation was the first charity volunteering organisation to create digital art for sale on the blockchain.

“We have jumped headfirst into this collaboration with  an Australian Cryptocurrency exchange with over 200,000 customers to create our first piece of art titled the 2021 Blockchain #VolArt Tribute Collection as a tribute to Bitcoin. Independent Reserve will share this with their customers and offer 50% off trading fees for 3 months to the winning bidder.

“I am very confident that Crypto Art on the Blockchain through what is referred to as Non-Fungible-tokens (NFT) will be the future of fundraising for charities like Volunteering Sunshine Coast.

“While the sale of digital art through the blockchain has been around for a little while, as far as we know, Volunteering Sunshine Coast is the first organisation to adopt this practice as a means of fundraising. It’s certainly leading edge but from our perspective there is absolutely no risk as we are collaborating with the artists and the crypto market will determine its value,” Mathew said.

Mathew said he was confident that the decision to tribute Bitcoin through the artwork would resonate with the growing crypto market, particularly those who were looking to offload their profits and reinvest into a new growth realm of digital art. 

“We decided to attribute this first piece to Bitcoin because we felt it had the highest chance of selling, it’s a stunning piece and we are confident the Bitcoin fans out there will be proud and keen to make this part of their collection. 

“The Bitcoin tribute digital art piece which was designed internally through the direction and oversight of Mathew and the Volunteering team highlights the strength and foresight of its pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Since 2010 Bitcoin has endured pushback after pushback, turbulence in its very existence to now becoming a formidable asset in the uber savvy investor’s portfolio.

“Once this piece is sold, we will release a further four more adding to this collection; a Tribute to Ethereum the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, a Tribute to NFTS (generally anything digital like Art, Domain names, Music or Virtual Worlds), a Tribute to Decentralised Finance (DEFI) and a cheeky play on FIAT currency (USD/AUD).  

“There are some very generous Bitcoin HODLERS (a term used to describe a bitcoin trader who holds onto their Bitcoin even in times of volatility) who we think can dig deep and bid their highest offer on this one-of-a-kind inimitable rare piece of digital art,” Mathew said.

The first digital art piece will be auctioned to the highest bidder on the digital art marketplace on 25**th** June, 2021 and will sell to the highest bidder.