Fijian dream comes true for Sunshine Coast artist

Sunshine Coast Artist – Chris Postle

Sunshine Coast artist, Chris Postle, is about to have a dream come true. Mr. Postle has been invited to be resident artist at a Fijian resort for two weeks in November, with more workshops planned for Autumn and Winter of next year.

With a career as a professional artist for more than 25 years, Mr. Postle received an email after following up a lead on how to become an art tutor in exotic locations. The reply was almost instant and has given Mr. Postle a new creative lease of life. He said “It’s not an easy road being an artist as most would appreciate but when something like this comes up you know its all been worth it”

A multi award winning artist known for his stunning interpretations of water and wildlife, Mr. Postle will be teaching and demonstrating his talents to the Fijian locals and will also be teaching children from a nearby Fijian village.

Mr. Postle is currently exhibiting a collection entitled ‘Natural Passion’ at the Noosa Harbour, Tewantin until the 12th November before he travels to Fiji. The exhibition is open every day and is showcasing his many different styles and subjects with most artworks available to buy.