Eumundi lager to make a comeback

Gerry Humphrey will soon replace some wine vats with brewery equipment at Eumundi Winery

The Sunshine Coast’s once-famous Eumundi Lager could rise again – and it’s thanks to Eumundi Winery owner Gerry Humphrey, with a little help from Sunshine Coast Council.
Having secured both state and federal licences to brew German-style, non-preservative beers such as the long-lamented Eumundi Lager, Mr Humphrey needed to work through the local planning requirements.
“I contacted council’s Local Business Support Program staff who helped me with getting the approval for the brewery,” he said.
LBSP staff in council’s Economic Development branch are the first point of contact for local businesses needing advice on council processes, he said.
Council’s economic development and the planning and development staff then worked together to work through a timely and workable solution.
“Council staff got it through quickly and efficiently – they did a fantastic job,” Mr Humphrey said.
“This will see Eumundi Lager resurrected as one of the Coast’s favourite tipples for locals and tourists.”
The beer would be made to German purity laws from malt from Darling Downs barley, not sugar cane as many breweries do, he said.
Mr Humphrey said Eumundi Winery would continue its grape and sugar cane alcohol production “but we will eventually specialise in fermenting beer”.
“We have been growing grapes here since 1995, but have removed the old European vine varieties and planted non-sprayed organic grapes more tolerant of the climate.
“The new brewery will be called Mundi Hill Brewery, memorialising the name of local Aboriginal warrior Huon Mundy.”