Enjoy Caloundra Music Festival in style with a VIP Kings Club ticket

A Kings Club season ticket to the Caloundra Music Festival this year will bring a little extra music to your ears.
Festival organisers have looked under rocks all across the nation in search of its finest all-round pianists – and come up with a list of the very best it has to offer.
These pianists are going to take shifts in the festival site’s Soul Club area of the Kings Lounge to perform Duelling Pianos – essentially a speakeasy forum where the discerning music lover can request songs of their choice and have them faithfully rendered on a grand piano to fill the rhythmic gaps between acts on the festival’s main stage.
“There will also be occasional visits from keyboard-skilled players from some of the visiting acts dropping in to play … well, whatever comes to mind,” divisional councillor Tim Dwyer said.
“It would be hard to put a price on having a song uniquely played to you personally by the likes of, say, Darren Percival.”
This feature is one of the special, get-up-close-to-the-stars benefits of shelling out for a VIP Kings Club ticket at this year’s festival, for the modest sum of $353 for the whole weekend.
“The Kings Club Soul Lounge is the VIP area for festival-goers who want to sit back and take in the festival in true comfort with a wide-fronted, sheltered viewing area, full bar facilities along with lounges, a restaurant and dining area and private rest rooms,” festival director Richie Eyles said.
“Some may want to go even further and get the real royal treatment – a $503 Crowne Jewel ticket will give you all the above plus exclusive access to two premium viewing platforms.
“Only roadies get closer to the acts than this,” he quipped.
The Caloundra Music Festival runs from September 28 to 30, while the Caloundra Fringe Festival runs from next Friday, September 21 to October 1.
You can get more information at www.caloundramusicfestival.com and www.caloundrafringefestival.com