Dress up to see The Wizard of Oz these school holidays

At The International Storytellers Festival (New Delhi ) - The Wizard of Oz ShowCome dressed as your favourite Wizard of Oz character and have fun as Youngstars2.com’s production of The Wizard of Oz takes to the stage at Sunshine Coast Council’s Nambour Civic Centre on Tuesday, July 8 at 3.30pm.
With more than 3800 performances internationally, Australia’s thrilling kid’s interactive show sees children join in the adventures of Dorothy, Shakey the Scarecrow and friends down the yellow brick road in this exciting, new re-telling of one of the most magical children’s stories of all time.
The show’s director Brian Laul said there is nothing as exciting for a child than to be singing and dancing with their favourite story book characters.
“It is almost like a dream has come true,” he said.
“A magical rainbow of wonders, delights and fun awaits those who click their heels three times and rap with the Tinman, roar like a Lion, wake up the sleepy Scarecrow and dance with Dorothy.
“Live action is mixed with 3D animation on screen, catchy tunes and dazzling costumes, a real treat ideal for two to eight year olds.”
Programme Co-ordinator Christerine Laul said children love to dress up in costumes, fancy clothes and silly hats.
“Dressing up can help spark imagination, boost self-esteem and add to the overall fun.
“It’s also a great way for parents and children to enjoy the experience of visiting Oz together. That’s why we invite children to come dressed up to see the show.”
This cast has been honoured to interact with the last living cast members from the 1939 MGM classic and other Oz royalty in America and have represented Australia at the International Storytellers Festival, New Delhi.
Apart from giving kids a good time, this show spreads a message of hope and self-esteem to the young. Audience members are also invited to bring along a toy or book to donate to the show’s Hospital Toy Appeal.
Cost to attend is just $19 per person. Bookings are essential by calling 5475 7777, online at www.scvenuesandevents.com.au or book in-person at the Nambour Civic Centre Box Office located at Centenary Square, 52-64 Currie Street, Nambour.
With the installation of a new lift at Nambour Civic Centre, exciting events such as The Wizard of Oz are more accessible for all of the community to enjoy.
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