Dob in a litterer or dumper

Watch out cigarette butt flickers and illegal dumpers.  People are watching and now have the power to report your wayward ways.
The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) have developed on online reporting form people can submit to dob in a litterer or dumper.
Cerran Fawns, CEO of Maroochy Waterwatch, is quietly excited about the opportunity this presents in reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in our rivers and oceans.
She says, “People don’t realise that when they flick a butt, drop a can, or worse still, dump trailer loads of rubbish into the environment, that most of it makes its way into our beautiful waterways”.
“Litter pollutes the water quality and can have disastrous impacts on our native animals and ocean life”, she added.
The litterer reporting form is live on DERM’s website today.  People need to make note of the vehicle or vessel they are driving along with the registration details and actions of the littering offence.  A fine will be issued to the owner of the vehicle and to ensure integrity of the reporting, people need to be willing to go to court if needed.
This year, from the Maroochy River alone, almost 35 000 litres of rubbish was collected.
Ms Fawns added, “That is 145 large wheelie bins of rubbish, weighing around  7 tonnes of mainly bottles, plastics and miscellaneous items.  These figures do not include the larger items like tyres, fridges and couches that are dumped in the river”.
In 2011, Queensland is the most littered state according to Keep Australia Beautiful’s National Litter Index.
To dob in a litterer or dumper, go to