Do it yourself sandbagging

DIY Sandbagging
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Sunshine Coast’s disaster and emergency teams have partnered with local hardware and landscape supply businesses to provide the necessary sand, sandbags, tips and demonstrations for DIY sandbagging.
Deputy Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Deputy Mayor Chris Thompson said the Sunshine Coast’s emergency service agencies do a great job during emergencies and disasters. For example, during the recent severe weather over the Australia Day long weekend from Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald, the SES fielded over 800 requests for assistance.
“However, don’t wait until something happens and then think that someone can always assist. During emergencies and disasters, including major flooding, emergency services work in a coordinated way prioritising and focusing on high risk locations including at risk properties and those most vulnerable and frail,” Deputy Mayor Thompson said.
“We all need to take some responsibility ourselves to be prepared in advance – if we are able to do so – and we can now do this with ‘DIY sandbagging’ for ourselves and our neighbours,” he said.
Local Disaster Coordinator, Alan (Fox) Rogers said sandbags will not stop the impact of flooding completely, but placed in appropriate locations they can help reduce the amount of water entering your property.
“Prepare for the possibility against flooding – particularly if you’re in a known flood prone area – by buying the necessary items – sand, sandbags – from one of the participating local hardware and landscape supply businesses, and learn how to do DIY sandbagging,” Fox Rogers said.
“However, I want to stress that if a person is vulnerable or at risk and cannot prepare and lay their own sandbags, if they are at risk of flooding during severe weather, they should contact the SES on 132500.
Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) Area Director, Andrew Wyatt said the ‘DIY sandbagging’ project means people no longer need to rely solely on the SES for sandbagging as a growing number of hardware and landscape supply businesses across the Sunshine Coast now stock sandbags and sand.
“Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) with council and State Emergency Services (SES) developed the ‘DIY sandbagging’ initiative so the Sunshine Coast community can help themselves and not rely solely on the SES for sandbagging – if they are able to prepare and lay the sandbags themselves.
“At present, there are 17 participating businesses – some have sand, some stock both sandbags and sand, and some just sandbags. They have the DIY sandbagging brochure and some will be hosting demonstrations over coming weeks,” Andrew Wyatt said.
“Remember, there is no guarantee that the stores will always have sandbags available and not all stores stock both sand and sandbags. You should contact the supplier to check on their current level of supplies before visiting them.
“Check with your local stockists or refer to the list of participating hardware and landscape supply businesses on council’s web under ‘DIY sandbagging’. This list of suppliers will be updated from time to time and their ability to supply materials will vary depending on demand.
“Thank you to the participating businesses for supporting this sandbagging initiative. If you’d like your business to be involved, contact council or Emergency Management Queensland.
“Remember – if you are fit and healthy, it is your responsibility to prepare your home, yourself, your pets and others to minimise disruption to your lifestyle. This now includes DIY sandbagging.
For full information on ‘DIY sandbagging’, including a list of stockists and demonstration dates and times check – from the button on the home page.