Dino-tastic celebration as Robert turns 8

Bindi, Robert and Terri celebrate with a cake an a Crocoseum full of visitors

It was a dino-tastic day at Australia Zoo today as Robert Irwin celebrated his eighth birthday.
Robert entertained the audience in the Crocoseum with an exhibition of “man dancing”, and also turned his hand to a very handy impersonation of Sir David Attenborough.
Robert (as David) took us on an “e x t r a o r d i n a r y” journey visiting all kinds of wildlife as he traversed the regions of the world reflected in Australia Zoo’s exhibits. The word extraordinary threatens to be to Robert what the word Crickey was to his father Steve. Extraordinary really…
Robert, quite the entertainer

No birthday would be complete without a cake. Even more complete if that cake was in the shape of a dinosaur. Sister Bindi and Mum Terri led the singing for the blowing out of the candles supported by a chorus of visitors in the Crocoseum.
With Robert’s birthday falling so close to festive season there was even a visit from Santa who traded feeding reindeer for feeding crocodiles.
And the action wasn’t just confined to the Crocoseum. There was plenty of dinosaur action at the Zoo with kids entering free to join in the day’s celebration.