Digital firm develops online video editing platform

FlickDesk founders (L-R) Nick McIntosh and Gideon Shalwick

The digital industry is set to explode with the rapid growth of online video opening up opportunities for businesses worldwide. In the Australian market alone, 10.7 million internet users watched online video, with viewers averaging more than 10 hours of video in one month according to research conducted by comScore.
Online marketing and strategy expert Gideon Shalwick is determined to help businesses from anywhere in the world reach out to their customers using online video by busting the myth that they are expensive and take too long to produce.
Mr Shalwick and business partner Nick McIntosh have moved into the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Innovation Centre to develop their new venture FlickDesk, an online platform that brings video editors together with video producers to deliver affordable, high quality video editing.
Mr Shalwick said they are excited to join the Innovation Centre community to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and take the business to a whole new level.
“I’ve worked from home for the last five years and I am very excited to see my business move to a higher level of productivity with my new environment” Mr Shalwick said.
This new digital firm is the 85th business to join the growing dynamic hub of Digital, Clean technology, Health technology and Creative industries based at the Innovation Centre.
FlickDesk is the latest venture driven by serial internet entrepreneur Mr Shalwick who has successfully launched 3 internet based educational businesses in the last 3 years, with a combined market reach of over 100,000.
Mr Shalwick said that after operating in the online video space for the last 5 years, one of the biggest frustrations found for video producers was video editing.
“FlickDesk aims to take away this frustration by providing a marketplace where video producers can find top video editors from all over the world, to perform first class video editing, at affordable rates and at speeds higher than when performed locally” Mr Shalwick said.
Mr Shalwick said they aim to develop and roll out Flick Desk using a phased approach to their existing database to ensure they maintain customer satisfaction.
“Over the last 5 years, we’ve developed solid relationships with 420+ promotion partners. The estimated full reach of these partners together with our own database of 18,000 people is 183,000 people” Mr Shalwick.
Mr Shalwick said the business plans to grow its team locally from its new base at the Innovation Centre and will look to hire locally to run a world class success story for Australia.
“As we grow in profit and cash flow we are looking to hire an experienced programmer who can develop the script for the FlickDesk platform and ensure face to face communication and a speedy implementation” Mr Shalwick said.