Dead seabirds just natural

Dead Sea Birds Kings Beach

Dead Sea Birds Kings Beach
Annual migration takes its toll

Sunshine Coast beachgoers are advised to again exercise caution after more dead seabirds were found along the coastline in recent days.
It’s the second wave of natural strandings witnessed on local beaches over the past three weeks. Sunshine Coast Council officers have determined that this latest natural stranding event is again linked to the yearly migration of Shearwaters.
Short-tailed Shearwater Puffinus tenuirostris make an annual migration past offshore areas of the Sunshine Coast each October en route from the Northern Hemisphere to Southern Australia.
Each year, a number of Shearwaters die of exhaustion or natural causes and wash up on Sunshine Coast beaches.
Council recommends beachgoers not to touch the dying and deceased birds and to contact our Customer Contact Centre on 5475 7272 to report their location. Sadly there is a very low recovery and release rate from natural stranding events such as this one.