De-amalgamation report received

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An independent report by internationally recognised professional services consultancy firm Deloitte into de-amalgamation costs has been delivered to Sunshine Coast Council.
The independent work was commissioned following the announcements by the Queensland Liberal National Party, regarding their four-point plan to address any possible de-amalgamation should they hold government after the upcoming state election.
The Sunshine Coast Council engaged Deloitte to conduct a de-amalgamation costing exercise and provide an independent report to council.
Deloitte has completed the costing exercise and will present its findings to the council at its meeting on 14 March.
As the final report was received from Deloitte this week – the first opportunity has been taken to present it to council.
The figures in the Deloitte report are based on a new Noosa Council having the same size, services and function as the previous Noosa Council.
Deloitte based the costing exercise on publicly available information, data and information it requested from the Sunshine Coast Council, and independent analysis.
Council is yet to consider the Deloitte findings. The views expressed in the report are those of Deloitte and not the Sunshine Coast Council or its staff.
Deloitte report findings:

  • Potential cost to re-establish a new Noosa Council is estimated to be between $14.6 million and $23.3 million.
  • Potential cost of de-amalgamation to Sunshine Coast Council is estimated to be between $2.0 million and $8.2 million.
  • Total potential cost of de-amalgamation between $16.6 million and $31.5 million.

The future viability of a new Noosa Council was not considered by Deloitte.
Deloitte provides audit, financial advisory, risk management and tax services for regional, national and global clients.
Pending the outcome of the State election, this matter may be taken up by the elected Government and the Council post the Local Government elections.