Crikey! Robert Irwin feeds crocs for the first time

This morning, pint-sized wildlife warrior Robert Irwin, aged 8 and three quarters, will be feeding freshwater crocodiles at Australia Zoo for the first time publicly.
According to Robert’s mum and Australia Zoo owner, Terri Irwin, Robert is becoming more and more like his Crocodile Hunter Dad, Steve. “I’m so proud of Robert, he’s growing up to be a chip off the old block,” said Terri.
The milestone is a step up from feeding American alligators and a step towards feeding saltwater crocs, something Robert is looking forward to when he is older.
Freshwater crocodiles can grow up to three metres in length, but on average are about one and a half metres long. They feed mainly on fish, crustaceans and insects. Robert will be feeding the crocs garfish.
This exciting achievement comes as Terri, Bindi and Robert return to prime time television this weekend with the premier of Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors on Network Ten (Saturday, 7.30pm). The new wildlife series will follow the Irwins’ and a team of dedicated wildlife warriors as they continue Steve’s fight for wildlife.
“This is an exciting new show giving Robert his first fair dinkum go on television. With exciting archive footage of Steve in every episode, you’ll see how Robert and Bindi are continuing his legacy,” said Terri Irwin.
Be it a tiger tooth extraction, a koala who has been hit by a car, or tracking a crocodile in the wild, the family-oriented series will focus on the wildlife hospital and rescue unit of Australia Zoo. Episodes are filled with myriad of weird, wonderful and downright bizarre things that occur in the day-to-day life of the zoo. In addition to filming in and around the zoo, viewers will also journey with Terri, Bindi and Robert as they travel to wildlife sanctuaries including in the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, Far North Queensland and Tasmania.
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