Councillor Jenny McKay's Column

6 September, 2011
Author: Charles Hodgson

*** Razorback Rd Landslip ***

Council will be commencing slip repairs on Razorback Rd, Hunchy on 21st September. Due to the steep drop off and safety of site workers, this work will require the one laning of traffic through the area. Variable ‘Message Boards’ will be going up this week to notify all road users of likely delays, which is expected to be up to 10 minutes in duration. This work is of a similar nature to the repairs carried out further down on Hunchy Rd, except they will be stretched out over a larger period. It is anticipated that these works will take up until the end of the year, weather permitting. These works need to commence now before the wet season starts as there are already signs of movement on the edge of the road. Unfortunately the advice we have received from Main Roads is that they won’t be opening the Palmwoods – Montville Rd (as an alternative route) until February next year which is too long for Council to wait.

*** Div 5 Building Works ***

Here are some of the projects in my division that have recently commenced or are about to commence:

  • Work is almost completed on the refurbishing the Glenroy Park Toilet Block in Montville. We are adding a new unisex disabled toilet cubicle as well as refurbishing and expanding the male and female cubicles. Work will also be carried out on the disabled parking bay to make the access to the toilet block more accessible than it currently is.

  • Work is soon to commence on the refurbishment of the existing toilet block at the Duck Pond Park off Chevallum Rd adjacent to the rail line at Palmwoods. This building is to be refurbished as well as having a new unisex disabled cubicle added to the site.

  • Works have commenced on the refit of the amenities at the Palmwoods Aquatic Centre 

  • Lingara Ave Palmwoods: Sports Complex construction of toilet block. A builder has been appointed to commence the building work of a toilet block at the Palmwoods Sports Complex.

*** Rural Futures Online Discussion Forum ***

The planned online consultation to inform the draft Rural Futures Strategy has now gone live utilising the Bang The Table software that was used for the Community Plan.  It can be found at The link to the site and further details about the Rural Future Strategy is now on the Councils website here –