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Councillor Jenny McKay
Councillor Jenny McKay
Councillor Jenny McKay

Hinterland Connect Bus Service – Review of Service

TransLink yesterday confirmed it is launching a review of the Hinterland Connect bus service. I wish to remind you to use the current service that you have, as you know the Hinterland service hasn’t had the interruptions that the coastal has experience. You can feel confident that the bus will turn up at the designated time and place, so please try and use this service for some of your travel needs.

Pedestrian Access Main Street, Montville

Having received a number of complaints in relation to the safety in this area, Council has recognised the risk to pedestrians and is prepared to engineer a solution to the problem. Council will arrange to move the pedestrian sign at the exit of the carpark to be more readily seen by traffic exiting this area. Some line marking will be installed at the entry and exit of the carpark to make drivers more aware of pedestrian activity. The operation of this pedestrian area has been investigated and appears to be functioning as designed and in accordance with relevant standards. While all drivers are required by law to give way to all pedestrians, it is recognised that some drivers disobey this road rule and push through crossings while pedestrians have right of way. In these situations it is necessary for pedestrians to ensure that the way ahead is clear before completing their crossing.
Flaxton Drive, Montville 
Feedback to residents. I have received a copy of a Petition signed by 204 people and supported by many business and service groups in the Montville area who have requested the construction of a walking path adjacent to Flaxton Drive, between Glen Eden Court and Nimbus Drive, Flaxton. Mr Andrew Powell MP has tabled the petition in state parliament concerning this request and is seeking state government support to jointly fund this project with council. I also will seek Council’s support when I table the Petition at an Ordinary Meeting in October.

$ for Maleny

I would like to congratulate the hard working committee of the Maleny Community Centre, whom I am advised made application and have been successful in securing funding under the Regional Development Australia Fund (Round 1). The grant is for 1.65 million for the $1.72 million Maleny Community Centre’s Social Enterprise Capacity Building Renovations. Well done everyone, this is a fantastic win for the whole of the Maleny community.

Park Street, Woombye – Pathway

Council will soon commence work to extend the existing pathway along Park Street, Woombye. The 1.8 metre wide pathway will continue south into Keil Street.
During construction, council will endeavour to avoid disturbing large and established trees. The project is programmed to begin during the school holidays, with construction commencing 12 September 2011, and completion anticipated within two weeks (weather permitting).
During construction, property access may be affected for short durations. Council officers will contact residents, where relevant, to discuss timing for access or parking if work is likely to block entrances.
Your patience during construction is appreciated. Traffic management measures will be in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Warning signage/speed limit reduction – Hunchy Road, Hunchy

For those residents that have recently contacted me in relation to this area, I would like to advise that Council presented a speed review of Hunchy Road at a recent Speed Management Committee which included representatives from the Queensland Police, Transport & Main Roads and Local Government representatives.
The Committee deemed that the speeds on Hunchy Road to be appropriate and as such no changes are supported at this time. Speed limits are determined in accordance with Queensland Transport’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Part 4) Speed Controls. The process for determining speed limits considers road function, existing vehicle speeds, roadside activity and accident statistics and is used by Main Roads and all local governments in Queensland to determine consistent and credible speed limits.
On a positive, it was found that a 80km/hr speed limit sign was missing just east of Razor Back Road. This sign will be reinstalled.

Iconic Queensland Places advisory panels

I have recently been re-appointed to the advisory panel. The function of the panel is to advise Council about whether or not they consider a planning proposal would be inconsistent with the places iconic value.
The following people have been appointed to the Blackall Range panel, Leo Jensen (Chairperson), Ian Adams, John Dillon, Richard McDonald and I. All members have historical and local knowledge relevant to each iconic place as well as expertise/or understanding of planning and development processes and the effect of those processes on protecting iconic values.
Panel Members are appointed until such time as Council has its first amalgamated planning scheme in place.