Cownose Rays moo-ve into UnderWater World's ocean tank

[Video] Three cownose rays moo-ved into UnderWater World last night bringing the total number of animals in the attraction’s ocean tank and walk through up to a staggering one thousand.
The cownose rays, known for their distinctive indented noses, were carefully transported by marine experts last night and then released into their new home at Bay of Rays making them the latest addition into the tank.
UnderWater World’s Head Curator Mark Smith said the team has been busy re-stocking the tank over the past few months, since its $3.5 million refurbishment last year. 

“Last September was when we opened the newly refurbished ocean tank and walk through and ever since we’ve been working hard on welcoming many animals into the attraction and have reached a thousand animals in the tank. We now have 13 cownose rays, which look wonderful as a school gliding through the Bay of Rays,” he said.
“It’s always great to see our animals arriving to the attraction and see them thriving in their new environment and tank. The whole team here at UnderWater World are so passionate about the animals so it’s exciting to see the tank full of life with so many different species and I think the school of cownose rays are certainly putting the ‘moo’ into Mooloolaba.”
The rays are the latest addition to the attraction and positioned in the spectacular Bay of Rays zone, beside the other three exciting new themed zones, including Shark Shipwreck, Coral Cove and Turtle Temple.
The Bay of Rays zone sees a collection of gliding rays, from the sleek sting rays to the spotty leopard rays and the new cownose rays will smoothly sail through the sea water tank. While over at Coral Cove, brightly coloured fish swim in and around radiant coral.
Turtle Temple, filled with the ruins of a Polynesian temple, houses recovering sea turtles of all species and sizes, as part of UnderWater World’s rescue, rehabilitation and release program for Australia’s most loved and endangered marine animals, the sea turtle.

Eight different species of shark now call Shark Shipwreck home and visitors can come face-to-face with the impressive creatures as they walk through the ruined remains of a submarine in the 80 metre long tunnel.
With over 250 species of fish in 2.5 million litres of water, the new ocean tank and walk through gives visitors a magical look at the under sea world.

As well as the four new zones in the Ocean Tunnel, visitors can explore seven other unique zones throughout the aquarium including Seal Island, Otter Empire, Fresh and Freaky, Billabongs and Backyards, Touch and Tell, Weird and Wonderful and Crawly Creatures with thousands of marine and freshwater animals and over 210 different species on display.
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