Council to review Festive Season Strategy

A move by Sunshine Coast Council to review the role and the model it uses to produce and support festive season activities and events has led to the revising of its Festive Season Strategy 2010-2015 which will now go out for public comment.
Councillor McKay said the revised Festive Season Strategy responds to community feedback and proposes that council continue to manage and deliver those community events which are regional in focus or civic in nature. It also proposes that local events be funded under a sponsorship and grants model which will ultimately move them from council ownership into the hands of the community.
“The Festive Season Strategy was adopted two years ago to ensure a strategic approach to the provision of community-based celebrations and region-wide events held each year during the festive season,” Cr McKay said.
“During that period, which includes the delivery of two festive season programs with planning for the third program now under way, we have come to better understand the needs of our community, the budgets required and how we can do things in partnership with the community.
“The reviewed strategy proposes a different council funding arrangement that reflects the unique local profile of the community events and activities that are described as “festive season” events.
“The review proposes that council realign its program of events and activities to be delivered more equitably across the region and to achieve a budget reduction of 20% compared to the 2011/2012 program expenditure.”
“This approach underpins council’s responsibility to ensure it spends every ratepayer’s dollar in the best way possible.”
Cr McKay said the revised strategy was based on community feedback garnered from surveys conducted earlier this year which asked questions about the importance of festive season celebrations to provide council with an understanding of community expectations and if they were being met.
“The survey focussed on the level and distribution of financial support for festive events, geographical location, council’s delivery model for festive activities, and the promotion of the program,” Cr McKay said.
“The feedback from the review showed strong community and stakeholder support for festive celebrations in terms of importance and satisfaction.
“The revised strategy will now go out for community and stakeholder consultation with the feedback to be considered and presented to council in early 2013.”
For more information about the Festive Season Strategy 2010-2015 please visit council’s website or phone 5475 7272.