Council Prepares for Coolum Flying-Fox Dispersal

Flying Fox

In response to community concerns, Sunshine Coast Council will start non-lethal dispersal actions at an urban Flying-fox roost at Cassia Wildlife Corridor, Coolum on Thursday May 1.
The non-lethal dispersal actions will be undertaken in strict accordance with permits approved by the State and Federal Governments.
Division 9 Councillor Stephen Robinson said the dispersal actions would attempt to relocate a Flying-fox colony that has impacted nearby residents.
“On May 23 last year, Sunshine Coast Council resolved to carry out dispersal actions at two urban Flying-fox roosts at Coolum and Maroochydore,” he said.
“This decision was made in response to community concern around noise, smell and lifestyle impacts from the close proximity of these Flying-fox roosts.
“Council received State and Federal Government approvals to carry out dispersal actions at Cassia Wildlife Corridor however it was cancelled when pregnant female Flying-foxes were discovered in the roost.
“The non-lethal dispersals that start at 4am on May 1 will continue each morning through until Friday May 23 and will attempt to encourage the camp to move to other suitable habitat away from residential areas.
“Flying-foxes are essential long-distance pollinators within the environment and play a key role within the Sunshine Coast ecosystem. Any Flying-fox dispersal action has unknown consequences and there is no guarantee of long term success.”
A number of methods will be used to undertake the Flying-fox dispersals, including intense lighting, smoke, visual deterrents and loud noises. Each dispersal action will be conducted in line with State and Federal Government permits which includes ensuring a qualified fauna spotter is on site during the dispersal and carrying out the dispersal actions for no longer than three hours per day. Council will monitor Flying-fox populations at known roost sites during and after the dispersal actions.
Residents situated adjacent to and nearby the Cassia Wildlife Corridor have been informed about likely impacts from the dispersal actions. If Coolum Beach residents observe flying-foxes on their property during the dispersal period they are advised to contact council on 0409 736 512.
Proposed dispersal actions for the Maroochydore Flying-fox roost site are currently on hold as council works through liability issues associated with landholder consent. Vegetation works have been carried out on council land.