Council plans for region’s cemetery services

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council today adopted the Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 to enhance the delivery of the region’s cemetery services over the next 15 years.
Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said cemeteries are an essential community service provided by council.
“Council is committed to long term provision of cemetery facilities that are responsive to the community’s needs and promotes wellbeing and involvement,” Cr McKay said.
“The Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 guides the management, operations and planning of the region’s 19 cemeteries and two historical across the region. “
Councillor McKay said there are a number of factors that have been identified in the Plan which will impact on council’s cemeteries in the future.
“The region’s evolving demographic profile, particularly the forecasted growth, identifies the need for acquiring additional land for cemetery purposes in the short term, which is recommended to be located in the southern end of the region,” Cr McKay said.
“In 2011/12 council accommodated 324 burials and 163 ash interments and this is expected to increase with the ageing population.
“The Plan takes into consideration the need to conserve the cultural significance of council’s cemeteries. In some instances the cemetery or gravesite may be the only place where a person’s life is recorded.
“We want to learn more about environmentally-friendly ‘green burials’, not only to address the growing interest of the community but to also introduce more sustainable practices in the way we deliver cemetery services.
“We will also explore new business and economic opportunities such as investigating the feasibility of council providing pet cemetery services in the future.
“To guide and facilitate the Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 vision and effectively respond to the key considerations, a 15 year action plan will be implemented by council’s cemetery services team.”