Council lifeguards, majority choose SLSQ

Life Saving Flag

Life Saving FlagThe majority of Sunshine Coast Lifeguards have chosen to transition to Surf Life Saving Queensland – the new provider of beach safety services on the Sunshine Coast from 29 October 2012.
While the paperwork is still being collated, already 70% of rostered staff have elected to transition to SLSQ.
Council currently employs 18 permanent full-time, 9 permanent part-time and about 70 casual lifeguards across 26 beaches.
Of the 70% transitioning, 14 are permanent full time and 7 are permanent part time staff.
SLSQ will continue to recruit to the service to bolster its already extensive pool of paid, professional casual lifeguards and ensure that beach goers receive at least the same level of service as they currently enjoy when visiting patrolled beaches on the Sunshine Coast.
Other community benefits include:

  • a dedicated rescue helicopter service based on the Sunshine Coast, seven days a week
  • continued around-the-clock beach safety with a 24-hour emergency service provided by SLSQ
  • a service run by an organisation that is a white water accredited authority in Queensland. SLSQ is also the only authority to have that accreditation recognised by the Queensland Government. This recognition has given them a place at the table, at the Queensland level, when it comes to disaster management
  • access to an organisation which is held in high regard as a leader in aquatic safety specifically and in the provision of lifeguard services generally

Council staff that have chosen to transition to SLSQ will also benefit with:

  • great training by an employer that is nationally accredited and that has standards in place which are internationally recognised
  • access to state-of-the-art equipment. SLSQ is invited to test equipment, and is always keen to have the best to meet its vision of zero preventable deaths on Queensland beaches
  • extensive career opportunities both on and off the beach –all over Queensland and Australia. SLSQ’s /ALS structure and the number of beach and safety services they provide mean they have a range of job opportunities beyond beach patrols.
  • all the conditions, remuneration and entitlements that they currently receive as a council employee. SLSQ has also guaranteed continuation of these working conditions until 30 June 2015. This is a three year guarantee, 12 months longer than the current Certified Agreement the lifeguards have with council.

Council lifeguards that have chosen not to transition to SLSQ will now become part of Council’s redeployment pool as outlined in, and in accordance with ,Sunshine Coast Council’s Certified Agreement.
Casual employees will be offered work as required during the 13 week redeployment period.
There is no guarantee of ongoing employment tenure after the redeployment period of 13 weeks is completed.