Council endorses major events strategy

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council has today endorsed the Sunshine Coast Major and Regional Events Strategy 2013-2017.
It presents council with the ideal opportunity to build on the Sunshine Coast’s natural advantages, which perfectly position it to host a range of major and regional events, Mayor Mark Jamieson said.
“This strategy will also empower the region to combat increasingly strong competition from other regional, national and international destinations in the highly aggressive tourism marketplace,” he said.
Tourism, Sport and Major Events portfolio councillor Jason O’Pray said as a tourism-dependent region experiencing national and international competition in attracting visitors, it was timely for the Sunshine Coast to earnestly capitalise on the emerging tourism opportunities.
“Roy Morgan research suggests that almost 50% of domestic visitors’ likelihood of travelling to an Australian destination is strongly influenced by their ability to attend a music, sporting or cultural event,” he said.
“In addition by endorsing the strategy, the supporting governance structure and polishing the sponsorship processes, council addresses several of the region’s key tourism challenges including the low number of non-sporting events and the lack of clear regional leadership to facilitate and develop new major and regional events.”
A number of key actions to support the strategies and objectives are contained in the strategy, including securing new events and the need to develop a retention plan to ensure that relationships with event organisers are nurtured and every effort made to retain and protect existing events.
Major and regional event categories
Major and regional events are clearly distinguished within three categories in this strategy on the following basis:
• Hallmark/signature events (Tier 1). Events which will attract significant numbers of visitors, participants or media from outside the region, resulting in substantial and measurable economic, media, social and community benefits for the Sunshine Coast.
• Regionally significant events (Tier 2). Events which have a strong resonance with the image and brand of the Sunshine Coast generate support from local organisations and may have the potential to become a hallmark/signature event in the future. The additional regional economic benefit of staging regionally significant events is less than projected for hallmark/signature events.
• Regional events (Tier 3). These events attract less numbers of participants and visitors than regionally significant events. Media exposure is generally limited to state or south-east Queensland coverage and they provide Sunshine Coast destination brand support and positioning for other events.
The Sunshine Coast Events Board will be established as an advisory committee of council. It will consist of a board of nine members, including Tourism, Sport and Major Events Portfolio Councillor Jason O’Pray, a senior representative from Tourism and Events Queensland, and the remaining seven members from business and community including the tourism industry.