Council Confirms Dog Attack At Maroochy Junior Rugby League Club

16 May, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

Sunshine Coast Council can confirm a man was attacked by a dog at Maroochy Junior Rugby League Club about 7.30am today.
The dog owner has surrendered the offending dog to council for euthanasia, and is fully cooperating with council.
Council will continue to investigate the matter. Until all evidence is gathered, no further details about the incident can be provided.
This incident provides a timely reminder that while dogs may be loving members of the family, they can act unpredictably and must be under control at all times.
Further general information
There are a number of precautions dog owners can take to mitigate the possibility of aggressive behaviour occurring, including:

  • Ensuring dogs are appropriately trained and socialised
  • Supervising children when in the company of dogs at all times
  • Using a leash when walking a dog in public
  • Supervising and controlling off leash activity at all times
  • Providing adequate fencing to ensure the dog cannot escape.

If approached by an aggressive dog, it is recommended to:

  • Stand still. Cross your arms or keep them by your side with your fingers curled
  • Look at your feet, not the dog
  • When the dog walks away, slowly back up then walk away. Don’t run.

Dog attack on a person or animal
If a dog attacks a person or another animal, there are a number of steps to follow:

  • Report the incident as soon as possible to council’s customer service centre
  • Describe the dog and any registration or owner details. Provide sufficient details to allow for a thorough investigation
  • Advise if the animal is still at large so council can try to impound it to ensure it doesn’t cause further injuries
  • Seek medical/veterinary attention. Ask the doctor or vet for a statement of attendance to record the visit
  • Take photographs of any injuries
  • Write a statement of events as soon as possible after the incident
  • Council has the ability to seize any animal that is considered a threat to community safety.