Council approves stricter Management Plan for Quarry

Cr Tony Wellington presenting his amendments to Council this morning

The Sunshine Coast Council today approved an amended Management Plan for the Kin Kin quarry.
Recently elected councillor Tony Wellington proposed additional stricter requirements within the Management Plan to ensure that no untreated water leave the site and enter the natural water courses and that the initial development be limited up to 7 years.
In a passionate defence of the stricter measures, Cr Wellington argued the case that the Quarry needed to be held more accountable to the conditions of the original approval which dates back to 1987 especially with respect to water runoff.
A key condition of the original approval was the there be a current and approved management plan in place. The Management Plan as presented today does not fundamentally change the nature of the quarry’s operation rather it sets more contemporary environmental targets.
Cr Wellington said that the operators of the quarry had a chequered history especially in relation to the management of stormwater and sediment control. This was highlighted last year by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (Derm) issuing an Environmental Protection Order which halted operations at the quarry for an extended time.
While the operation of the Quarry has been challenged in the courts, it has been declared legal, with Council also unable based upon legal advice, to add any additional conditions to the original approval.
Local residents have long fought agains the operation of the quarry based upon safety, property valuation and environmental concern and their aim of halting the quarry still remains a goal. They were emotionally moved by today’s decision that they saw as a win and an indication that the incoming council is listening and committed to sustainable environmental outcomes.